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  • Fittbudz S2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds/Headphones

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    Ear Budz That Work As Hard As You Do!
    Wireless Bluetooth Hands Free Stereo in-ear Earphone, provides you  
    with a quiet and comfortable listening experience. Specially Designed
    in-ear style allows Fitt Budz to gives you ultimate comfort and fit.
    Characterized by its stylish design and advanced technology, Fitt Budz 
    allow you to freely engage in various athletic activities while minimizing
    the annoying effects contemporary headphone provide. These ear budz
    offer you more detailed range of both high, mid, and low range 
    frequencies while providing noise isolation. Say goodbye to the 
    traditional wired workout way. Enjoy your handsfree music and phone 
    calls with the Fitt Budz wireless ear budz. Features include: voice 
    command recognition, a fully functional smart controller built into the
    ear budz (see features) and noise isolation technology. Tested in the
    gym under various training elements, Fitt Budz were designed to stay
    in your ears even during the most intense exercises. 


    1. In-ear wireless bluetooth headphone,easy to carry 
    2. Bluetooth 4.1,strengthen the data transmission, the signal is more stable 
    3. Smart APP function 
    4. The earphone is sweatproof,but can not use for swimming 
    5. Chinese,English,French,Spanish,four languages voice prompt 
    6. Features: Microphone,Playback Controls,Calling Functions,Volume Control 
    7. Human engineering design and high quality materials make the headset comfortable for daily use 
    8. Compatible with most smart phones