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  • FittBudz T3 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones

    $145.00 $99.95

    Headphones That Work As Hard As You Do!

    Wireless Sport Headphones, provides you  
    with a quiet and comfortable listening experience. FittBudz 
    allow you to freely engage in various athletic activities while minimizing
    the annoying effect contemporary headphone provide. These ear budz
    offer you more detailed range of both high, mid, and low range 
    frequencies while providing noise isolation. Say goodbye to the 
    traditional wired workout way. Enjoy your handsfree music and phone calls with
     the Fitt Budz wireless ear budz. Tested in the gym under various training
    elements, Fitt Budz were designed to stay in your ears even during the most
    intense exercises. 

    •   Quality build that guarantees longevity. Built with an alloy frame,
         which allows these headphones to be super durable and strong.
    •   57mm titanizing diaphragm ensures quicker transient response 
        to electrical signals and enhanced overall sound performance,
        delivers dynamic sound, powerful extra bass.You can hear every   beat every word.
    •   3D sound effects will give you a lively and stirring experience, especially for movies.
    •   Condenser Microphone with a sensitivity of -42dB makes sure that you sound very
         clear on phone calls.
    •   Padded with soft memory foam rich in protein to ensure long-wearing comfort.

    Main Features:

    Bluetooth sport headphones
    Double earplugs design
    Super Light weight wireless and portable headphones
    In ear style, very convenient in the gym 
    Volume control and song switch function
    Allows you to answer the call and listen to stereo music anytime and anywhere
    Suitable for all Bluetooth enabled device

    Black, Red,
    Wearing type

    Song switching, 
    Multi connection
    Noise Cancelling, 
    Voice control, 
    Answering phone