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How to clean your Fittbudz:

  1. Remove your silicon fittings from your Wireless bluetooth ear buds Fittbudz.
  2. Put about two caps full of hydrogen peroxide into a small dish.
  3. Place the earphones screen-side-down into the dish.
  4. Remove the earphones after about 10 seconds then dry with a towel and remove any debris that was loosened by the peroxide. You may also lightly blow into the earpiece (without touching your lips to the earpiece) into the screen to help dry.
  5. Repeat this same cleaning process again; this time using two caps full of rubbing alcohol.
  6. Once dry, place the silicon fittings back on the earphones.
  7. You are done cleaning your wireless ear buds!

Designed for PC, or other USB charging devices.
** Do Not Wall Charge**